Adidas Predator LZ II


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Adidas Predator LZ II

Blue / White / Orange

UK 9

TRX soleplate

MiCoach compatible

Brand New without Tags (never worn)

Original box and contents not included

Small personalisation (“Katja” & “1962”) on the instep and outstep of each boots – see photos.

The adidas Predator LZ is a revolutionary football boot that elevates the Predator line to the pinnacle of the sport. With its five distinct zones crafted from lightweight rubber, strategically positioned for maximum effectiveness, this boot guarantees exceptional performance. Additionally, it offers the option to incorporate adidas miCoach technology, allowing you to track your training using a chip compatible with iPhone, PC, and Mac.

The upper of the boot is constructed from Hybrid L-S, a groundbreaking material developed by adidas. Combining featherweight properties with the benefits of a leather boot, Hybrid L-S ensures both minimal weight and unparalleled comfort.

Each of the five zones on the boot serves a specific purpose in enhancing your gameplay, delivering unrivaled ball control.

The ‘dribble’ zone, situated on the outer side of the boot, features small fins that encourage precise ball manipulation through multiple touches. These fins also incorporate ridges to optimize ball grip.

The first touch zone, located on the forefoot, utilizes small pitted fins to provide instantaneous ball contact, absorbing the ball’s speed and granting immediate control.

The sweet spot, positioned on the inside of the big toe, offers extended contact time with the ball, resulting in increased spin and velocity—an essential factor that can determine the outcome between a goal and a goal kick.

The drive-zone, found on the instep, boasts 3D-fins that enhance power and precision during passing and shooting. This zone closely follows the foot’s movements to maintain maximum ball contact.

Lastly, the Pass zone resides on the inner side of the foot and employs Memory Foam material. This unique material adapts to your foot’s shape, creating a smooth surface on the boot that ensures unparalleled precision.

In summary, the adidas Predator LZ is a cutting-edge boot that combines innovative design elements and advanced technology to provide elite-level performance, empowering you to dominate the game with exceptional ball control and accuracy.


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