Buying retro football boots in Ireland

5 of The Best Places to Buy Retro Football Boots in Ireland

We’re a football-mad nation, and there’s no doubt about it but we Irish love our retro football boots too. Whether it is the added attraction of the GAA, or the longing for bygone success on the international football front, we still go wild for the football boots that trigger our nostalgia.

The demand for retro boots in Ireland has been a driving force behind the global demand for classics like the Adidas Predator Mania. While it might have been David Beckham that cemented its place as the GOAT in the international football world, that is probably multiplied by legends of the Irish traditional games like Sean Og O Hailpin. 

On top of all that, is the very fact that Irish sports stars haven’t been contractually obliged to sport the newest and brightest of the big brands boot ranges given the amateur ethos of the GAA. That has meant that players like Galway Conor Whelan have continued to sport the 2002 classics 2 decades on from their original release.

But where does he get them?

The demand for old football boots has ensured that there is a number of trusted sellers in Ireland that deal in classic boots. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 of the best places to buy retro boots in Ireland:

Where can you buy retro boots in Ireland?

  • Platinum Boots
  • PM Boots
  • eBay

1. Platinum Boots

Yep, that’s us!

At Platinum Boots, we stock a wide selection of classic, deadstock & retro football boots. With years of experience in buying and selling football boots, we rely on a network of international boot nerds to source the very best of boots from days past.

We try to stock a selection of more recent boot releases of quality ranges like the Adidas Predator and Adidas Predator ranges, while also stocking on-off pairs of absolute rarities that usually won’t be found anywhere else.

While most of our more recent editions of boots will still be brand new with tags etc., we also stock older models (5+ years since discontinuation) in very good used condition.

In recent years, the collectability of some classics has seen prices for even the most battered and bruised boots going for more than their original RRP. However, that is something that we try to avoid.

Even if they’re show pieces for your collection cabinet, we still think they should be in a respectable condition.
We explicitly detail what condition every boot is in in our store. are the OG’s of retro football boot collectors and sellers in Ireland and stock some of the very best in older football boots.

Stocking predominantly Adidas classics, they have found themselves popular amongst those with the cult following that retro adidas football fans love.

If you’re looking for a boot with a red tongue, these guys are likely to have it.  

As we referred to already, these guys are some of the most trusted in the realtor football boot game and justifiably so.

Keep it classic.

That’s the message from the team behind, and they stay pretty true to their motto. These guys love a classic and provide a little bit more variety in what they stock than others on this list.

They stock everything from Nike Total90 Lasers to Adidas Nemeziz, so they are pretty versatile in what era boots they offer.

They also stock extras on the site like replacement studs, grip socks, and GAA gloves.

PM Boots

If it’s a more modern classic football boot you’re after, the guys at PM Boots are a sure-fire bet to have what you’re looking for.

While they don’t deal much in the real ‘retro’ boots, they have a large stock of discontinued boot models and ranges at any given time.

Based in Derry, they ship all over the Republic of Ireland and regularly supply elite athletes with retro boots like their very own Benny Heron pictured in the Adidas Predator Pulse Remake.


As the Italian football legend, Gennaro Gattuso would put it;

‘Sometimes maybe a good, sometimes maybe a shit’

Yep, that’s eBay. Much of the retro football boot stock you see listed on the site is on its last legs and can be a little more deceptive in its descriptions of boots than the trusted sellers on this list.

You can never  discount it completely though. It does so happen that little gems get pulled from the backof old wardrobes and attics and find themselves listed with very small reserve prices.

Finding a classic boot on the marketplace will be a little more tedious and time-consuming, but if you enjoy the hussle and know what you want, it might be worth it.

If there is something very specific you want, we suggest setting up a ‘saved search’ with your exact parameters so you’re the first to know about it when they become available.

Can’t find the retro boots you’re after? We source, so get in touch! 

While we can never promise to find you the exact football boot that you’re after, we do have a wealth of connections in the retro boot world to help us find what you’re after.
If you are looking for something specific, you can get in touch with us below

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