Adidas Malice SG


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Adidas Malice SG


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Crafted to elevate kick accuracy and enhance game control, the adidas Malice Elite SG in Navy Pink empowers you to assert your dominance on the field, leveraging your pace and precision on soft natural ground.

Incorporating a rich blend of attributes, the adidas Malice Elite SG ensures comprehensive command with its full grain leather upper, fostering an improved fit, enhanced control, and elevated comfort.

Precision-tuned for accuracy in kicking, the Malice Elite seamlessly fuses two pivotal components. The asymmetrical lacing system is concealed to offer an expansive and pristine sweet spot, amplifying the impact of your kicks. Meanwhile, textured predator elements infuse the necessary grip, enabling you to deftly position the ball with pinpoint accuracy. The arrangement and positioning of these grip elements are meticulously calibrated to deliver peak performance on the rugby field.

A featherlight soleplate has been meticulously engineered to facilitate rapid lateral movements, enabling you to showcase not only your kicking prowess but also your mesmerizing footwork. Complementing this, a neoprene collar heightens stability through its compression-fit design, providing a heightened sense of assurance during your dynamic play.

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