Adidas X 15.1


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Adidas X 15.1

Bold Orange/White/Solar Orange


UK 13

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Introducing the revolutionary X 15.1.

The vibrant new Orange X15 from adidas injects a daring burst of color into the arena. The upper and X-CAGE blend contrasting darker and lighter tones, creating a captivating two-toned appearance that effortlessly directs attention to your feet as you unleash chaos on the field.

In the evolving landscape of football, the game’s transformation is underway. With the ascendancy of science and analysis, every move of each player is meticulously examined. Players are increasingly entrusted with distinct roles on the pitch, finely tuned to assist their team’s triumph. That’s precisely why adidas has unveiled an entire new line of boots, tailored to diverse player profiles. A football revolution beckons, urging you to embrace your unique style.

Chaos defies planning – those unexpected flashes of brilliance that rupture the course of the game. When the unfolding is unknown, resistance is futile. The adidas X is a boot engineered for the audacious: players who have never heard of playing it safe. Those who confront risk head-on and wager everything on their abilities. Think of players like Gareth Bale and Thomas Müller.

Brimming with the comfort of adidas techfit® collar, delivering a seamless, sock-like compression fit, and featuring a precision-engineered soft skin upper, the X 15.1 thrives under the spotlight. The innovative X-CLAW stud arrangement underfoot creates the foundation for capricious movements, while the revolutionary X-CAGE provides stability and safeguards your foot, enabling you to embark on a path of devastation. Defenders will be left bewildered by the onslaught.

Kindly note: For perfect fit, we recommend selecting a half size larger than your regular shoe size.

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