Nike Total90 Laser I


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Nike Air Zoom T90


UK 12

Made in Bosnia (the true stamp of old Nike elite quality)

Brand new in original box with all original contents (likely one of, if the THE the only pair left in this condtion!)

A revolutionary boot of its time, the Nike Air Zoom Total 90 Laser Firm Ground football boots were designed with a variety of innovative technologies to improve control, accuracy, and power. The Sweet Spot was been expanded to allow for better alignment and targeting during shooting and passing, drawing from sports like golf and tennis.

Precision rings created optimal trajectory, spin, and distance control, while twisted medial rings offer more aggressive contact for added spin and swerve. The upper of the boot is made of the highest density material, three times harder than synthetic, for improved accuracy and distance. The precision rings also help keep the ball low when shooting at the goal and provide more aggressive contact for added height and swerve.

The eVent Fabric is waterproof and allows sweat to escape, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the boot while playing.

The red black is timeless, and evokes memories of prime superstars like Way Rooney & Luis Figo.

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